About NLO

Left to Right: Juli Genovesi, Mikel Samaniego, Jessica Reasy

Left to Right: Juli Genovesi, Mikel Samaniego, Jessica Reasy

The power of collaboration

Nonprofit Leader.org (NLO) was started by Mikel Samaniego and Jessica Reasy. Individually, they were overwhelmed trying to grow their own separate nonprofit organizations, and found that by collaborating together and sharing resources they were able to increase their collective impact. They began pooling resources and helping each other without detracting from their own organizations, which led to the creation of NLO - a space where nonprofit and social purpose leaders can take advantage of below market office rates, collaborate with like minded professionals, learn from each other, share resources and increase their capacity to pursue their missions.

Our Executive Director, Garhett Morgan, is a veteran of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He brings his leadership ability and a strong passion to empower others to our community. Garhett is committed to providing community, capacity, and synergy among nonprofit leaders, social entrepreneurs, and people who want to change the world.

Our vision

Nonprofit Leader.Org envisions being Seattle's first co-working office strictly for nonprofit and social purpose organizations with shared services and resources so that we can all focus our efforts on what really matters... our missions.

Our strategic plan has three phases:
1: Co-working office + shared resources;
2: Shared staff and volunteers (services);
3: Incubator/accelerator for small start-up nonprofits.

NLO aims to be nationally recognized as the Northwest’s premier Nonprofit accelerator, responsible for building community and capacity, and increasing the impact our members in the community. With a replicable model, NLO will elevate nonprofit communities across the nation. We will attract top donors, talent and dedicated volunteers looking to invest their hearts, hands and voices in a collective effort toward effective and sustainable change.