The Story Behind Nonprofit Leader. Org

When Jessica and I were in a Leadership Training Program, we both were struggling with running nonprofit organizations: she had just taken over Redeeming Soles, and I was trying to grow Angels for Angels. Knowing that we didn't know a lot, we decided to work together and at least have someone to struggle alongside with. An opportunity came for us to collaborate on an event, Seattle's Most Talented Talent Show, and we had a blast working together and found that there was a synergy working together.

We both shared a vision of bringing other nonprofit leaders together to learn and build community, and we decided to do it together. We started doing it informally, but eventually we thought we should give the group a name: Young Nonprofit Leaders' Organization. We weren't an organization, and we weren't young per say, but we were new to nonprofits and had aspirations of making meaningful difference through the work of our nonprofits.

Through those convening of other nonprofit leaders we listened, and out of those conversations came this. And it started with a question: what would it look like if we all worked together? And so we created a community of nonprofit leaders that work together, learn together and grow together.

Our journey is just beginning, and we realize that our team is still missing many important pieces. We sincerely want to invite everyone who wants to make a difference to join us a create awesomeness together!