Member Benefits 


Brainstorm with fellow members, crowd-source creative solutions to emerging issues, or share your innovative ideas to help other members build capacity to pursue their mission. These are all examples of the types of collaborative opportunities that occur on a regular basis at NLO.

Shared resources

Our goal is to make your organization as successful as possible by making sure you have everything you need. Don't have an event planner? We do. Need help developing a donor database? We can help. We'll help you with what you need or find you the person who can.


Relationships are key in the nonprofit/social sector, and when you join NLO, you have the unique opportunity to meet other nonprofit/social sector professionals, build relationships, and possibly even develop a collaborative partnership with someone you may have never otherwise met.

Shared mission

Everyone at NLO is committed to making the world a better place. While we may have different ways of doing it, we never lose focus of that goal. YNLO offers an inspirational and motivational culture to keep you pressing toward your goals.


Partnerships are the spirit of NLO, so you won't just be meeting people -- you'll be meeting people who are interested in collaborative efforts. Joining other organizations is an effective way to increase your reach and impact. Collaborate on a large event or promotion and double your audience. Together, large goals are largely more achievable.

Training and development

Want to learn fund development strategies? Effective marketing techniques? Website SEO? Come to our events and listen to our speakers. We'll show you how to make your organization even better. 

Nonprofit accelerator

We are creating the first nonprofit accelerator in the Pacific Northwest, which is dedicated to helping nonprofits achieving sustainability, systematically innovating and elevating Seattle's nonprofit sector.