Five Reasons Your Nonprofit Needs To Set Up A Website Now

I can’t tell you how many times I have connected with passionate nonprofit startup leaders on LinkedIn, gone online to read more about them and their organization yet have found that they have not set up a website yet. When I ask why this task hasn’t been done the usual answer is either that they […]

47 Street-Tested Ideas to Help You Reduce Your Nonprofit Leadership Stress

Taking on the ED role means you willingly accept a very difficult and challenging job. You choose to make responsibility a central aspect of who you are and what you do. In order to succeed, you have to believe you have a superior combination of leadership traits such as strength, perseverance, commitment, intelligence, focus, problem-solving, […]

How To Write A High-Impact Strategic Plan

This week I had an intense call with a friend/client of mine who is in the process of re-branding his nonprofit organization and is working through his ideas of what he feels is the next best step for his cause. To give him credit, branding and strategic planning is exhausting, mentally wearing experiences. I joke […]

How receptive are you to feedback?

When it comes to processing feedback, I believe there are primarily three types of people. Type #1 – Feedback Seekers These people know that they don’t know it all and intentionally develop a strategic team of advisers to help them achieve their goals.  They have no ego about asking for help and openly embrace wise […]

501c3 Exempt Purpose – Review Before You File

501c3 Purpose Statements: What are the limits? The answer to this question boils down to one thing, compliance with IRS Code section 501(c)(3).  Under section 501(c)(3) a tax-exempt nonprofit is required to have a complying purpose statement. To determine if an organization complies with section 501(c)(3) the Organizational test is applied.  To meet the Organizational […]

Mastering The Art of the “Thank-You Note”

As fundraisers, we are programmed to single-mindedly pursue the holy grail of the nonprofit world – the donor contribution. But one of your most important jobs happens after you have received a contribution from a donor. Thank-you notes are an art form, and mastering them can make the difference between cultivating one-time givers and lifelong […]

Most Effective Approach to Grant Writing

With over one million charitable organizations in the U.S., competition for funding is fierce. There are social and economic issues affecting your community, and you have a solution…but how do you get funding for your idea? You may have local donors who support your mission and give on a regular basis, but even with an […]

How Nonprofits Can Tap into Corporate Giving Programs

As American consumers continue to become more conscious of the companies they are buying from, many for-profit organizations have begun looking for ways to show they are worthy of their dollar. One of the most common ways these companies seek to improve their image is by actively involving themselves with a non-profit organization. If you […]

How to Leverage Your Nonprofit Events to Gain Brand Recognition

Running a nonprofit organization is usually a multidimensional effort. While your primary focus is obviously going to be centered on your mission statement, there are other components of your nonprofit—such as your brand image—that will require your attention as well. One of the best opportunities for promoting the recognition of your brand is through the […]

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