The Nonprofit Leader is a resource center for nonprofit organizations, particularly those based in the US, in using social media, websites, and e-newsletters.

I am passionate about helping nonprofits learn to engage with social media, a critical communications channel properly. With a good strategy in place, social media means you can reach a much wider audience and engage with them: teach them about your cause, ask them to support you by volunteering, contributing funds, or promoting your work to their networks. Used well, social media means maximum impact for minimal effort.

I hope this collection of guides will help you achieve social media success.

Many of the guides are based on responses to questions I have been asked frequently. These resources have been collected from books, research reports, and the web (sources are indicated when this is the case), as well as from my experience working with e-communications for nonprofits in the US over the past 15 years.

I have aimed to keep the guides simple and easy-to-follow, though more advanced guides for those already using social media will be available soon.

The site has been made possible by the OS Foundation’s Public Media Program: Health Media Initiative to assist their grantees with their web and social media work.
I would love to include a wider variety of resources on this site and encourage you to send us your comments, questions, or articles that you would like to contribute.

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