Writing for an e-Newsletter

Writing for an e-Newsletter is basically the same as writing for the web. The key thing to keep in mind is that the way people read on the screen is NOT the same as the way they read on paper. People reading on a screen scan the content rather than reading every word. Here are some tried […]

e-Newsletter Strategy and Planning

You should have an overall strategy and plan in place that sets out the basic objectives, principles, and workflow for your newsletter. It needs to cover: Overall Strategy What is the objective? Who is the target audience How often will the newsletter be published? What kind of content will be published What platform are you […]

Measuring the Success of your e-Newsletter

When measuring the success of your e-Newsletter you are trying to find out whether you have actually reached your target audience, whether your message has been communicated and whether your audience has taken the action you were promoting. Are you reaching the right people? To find out whether your newsletter is reaching and being read […]

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