Most Effective Approach to Grant Writing

With over one million charitable organizations in the U.S., competition for funding is fierce. There are social and economic issues affecting your community, and you have a solution…but how do you get funding for your idea? You may have local donors who support your mission and give on a regular basis, but even with an […]

How Nonprofits Can Tap into Corporate Giving Programs

As American consumers continue to become more conscious of the companies they are buying from, many for-profit organizations have begun looking for ways to show they are worthy of their dollar. One of the most common ways these companies seek to improve their image is by actively involving themselves with a non-profit organization. If you […]

Finding Grants to Fund Your Programs

Most nonprofit organizations rely on grants to fund at least a portion of their programs. As you look for grants, it is important to know what type of funding is available and where to look. Considering federal grants alone, there are more than 2,000 current opportunities with 42,000 archived. Working through all of those funding […]

Giving Money Away to Make Money—The Rationale of Corporate Philanthropy

More and more businesses are giving away money to make money. Sounds counterintuitive, right? Actually, it’s a shrewd business decision. The key, however, is to donate the money to charity. Donating will help your company benefit externally and internally. External benefits Good PR Donating to local non-profits and causes fetches great public relations and your business […]

Top Five Ways to Raise Money

Are you using every source for raising funds for your organization? If not, you are missing out on money that may just be a request away. Here are the top five ways to increase your fundraising potential: Foundations Believe it or not, there are other nonprofits out there that exist just to give away money. […]

Profits for Nonprofits: Earning Your Own Way

“Profit” need not be a dirty word at a nonprofit organization. In a discussion led by HBS professor James E. Austin, three experienced managers discuss the advantages and pitfalls of building a for-profit unit within a nonprofit. “Pay our own way? No way.” Not long ago, that was the mantra of many a proud nonprofit […]

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