Top Five Ways to Raise Money

Are you using every source for raising funds for your organization? If not, you are missing out on money that may just be a request away. Here are the top five ways to increase your fundraising potential:


Believe it or not, there are other nonprofits out there that exist just to give away money. Do you have a special project or program that needs a boost? These are your angels.


While some companies have established foundations, most just give corporate donations. Start with the companies you do business with and give them something in return. All corporations like exposure, so offering logos displayed prominently are a good bet.

Government Agencies

National, state and regional agencies all have money to give away via grants. Start by contacting your local representatives to find your piece of the pie.
Individuals – 90% of all money is given by individuals (and they are more likely to keep on giving if you build on the relationship). Are you tapping every way of contacting them via direct mail, phone solicitations, special events, planned giving and web appeals?

Civic Organizations and Clubs

VFWs, Kiwanis Clubs, American Legions, Rotary Clubs are always looking for speakers. And in return are always generous contributors financially and with in-kind services, such as volunteers and space. Get in touch with your local groups and get on their agenda.

The key to asking for donations at any one of these potential opportunities is to build a relationship. Don’t be afraid to ask questions as to the best way to approach them for a donation, as most will be happy to tell you. Then, of course, thank them and keep in contact with an additional request later.

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