40 Simple Things You Can Do Now to Make the World a Better Place

Watching or reading the news can be downright depressing. War. Terrorism. Famine. Grinding poverty. Crime. Climate change. Pollution. The extinction of species and endangerment of others. Sex trafficking.

Okay, I’ll stop. But sadly, I could go on.

So, what’s the answer? Hiding your head in the sand won’t make it all go away. And no, you can’t fix the world’s problems all by yourself. But just because you can’t save the world on your own doesn’t mean you should throw your hands up in despair and say to yourself, “I give up!”

If everybody decided to give up, the world would go to hell in a handbasket. But, if everybody resolved to do something positive—no matter how small—the world would be a better place.

Here are 40 simple things you can do to make the world a better place:

If everybody resolved to do something positive—no matter how small—the world would be a better place.

  1. Volunteer for or donate to a good cause (It can make you happier and improve your health!)
  2. Donate blood or blood products, such as platelets or plasma.
  3. Foster an animal.
  4. Adopt an animal.
  5. Volunteer at an animal shelter.
  6. Donate used clothing.
  7. Donate canned food.
  8. Register to be a bone marrow or an organ donor.
  9. Become a tutor.
  10. Become a mentor.
  11. Become a Big Brother or Big Sister.
  12. Be generous / tip generously.
  13. Smile at people and say “Hi.”
  14. Pick up trash / Care for the environment.
  15. Help others.
  16. Compliment someone.
  17. Show interest in other people.
  18. Plant a tree.
  19. Be a courteous driver.
  20. Learn first aid.
  21. Get to know an elderly person / Volunteer at a senior citizens’ home.
  22. Donate to a charity.
  23. Ask people how they are.
  24. Hold the door open for people.
  25. Give up your seat for somebody.
  26. Compliment your coworkers.
  27. Conserve energy.
  28. Reach out to friends and loved ones whom you have not heard from in a while.
  29. Sign a petition for a cause you believe in.
  30. Be there for a friend or relative in need.
  31. Donate old books to a library or school.
  32. Purchase eco-friendly products.
  33. Especially avoid products that contain palm oil. (Palm oil plantations are driving orangutans toward extinction and destroying rainforests.)
  34. Become a coach.
  35. Buy gifts for people.
  36. Educate yourself / Learn about something you know nothing about.
  37. Leave complimentary notes in places where people will find them.
  38. Mail somebody a card to let them know you’re thinking about them.
  39. Pick up the check when you eat out with a friend.
  40. Say “good morning” to each of your coworkers every morning.


Doing good is pretty easy—so what are you waiting for?

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