Donations Provide Tiger Haven with a Dollar in the “Kitty”

Unfortunately, animal rescue organizations must spend every day promoting adoptions of homeless animals. But an organization that wants you to adopt an animal you can’t take with you – and you’re probably just as glad that you can’t – is a cat of a different stripe!

That’s exactly what Tiger Haven in Kingston, Tennessee, has in mind. In fact, the organization reports that 150 cats of various stripes live at the no-kill sanctuary for lions, tigers, lynx, cougars, jaguars, and other “great cats.” All have been rescued from inappropriate captive situations in eight states by the SPCA, the Humane Society, or local authorities. Neither Tennessee law nor the good sense of these big cat experts allow the public in, but a creative website offers not only wonderful explanations of the care and feeding of the big cats, but colorful photo presentations that teachers will love downloading, and the Adopt a Cat program.

The adoption fee is $50 for one year. “At the end of the year,” the website invitation says, “you may choose to continue the adoption of your special cat, or adopt another cat who needs your help, and increase the size of your ‘pride’.” Adopters receive a personalized certificate of adoption, and an 8 x 10 color photo and biography of the adopted cat. Like any good shelter, the website provides a link to Cats Who Need Parents and an adoption application.

Both cash and in-kind gifts that patrons can donate to support Tiger Haven, but the Adopt a Cat page is irresistible. Apparently many visitors to the site agree. In 2002, Tiger Haven reported over 99% of revenues (about $2.4 million) from that year coming from direct public support. That would make any nonprofit purr!


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